Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

  Faculty Members

Kokkinos Christos (Assoc. Professor)
Lianidou Evi (Professor, Lab Director)
Markou Athina (Assistant Professor)
Economou Anastasios (Professor)
Bizani Erasmia (Laboratory Teaching Staff)
Dousikou Melpomeni (Laboratory Teaching Staff)
Polydorou Christoforos (Laboratory Teaching Staff)


Retired Faculty Members

Archontaki Eleni (Associate Professor)
Athanasiou-Malaki Eleni-Maria (Lecturer)
Atta-Politou Julia (Associate Professor)
Calokerinos Antony (Professor Emeritus)
Efstathiou Constantinos (Professor Emeritus)
Ioannou Penelope (Professor Emeritus)
Koupparis Michael (Professor)
Mitsana-Papazoglou Anastassia (Associate Professor)
Piperaki Efrosini (Associate Professor)
Sarantonis Evangelos (Assistant Professor)
Siskos Panayotis (Professor)
Timotheou-Potamia Meropi (Associate Professor)


Administrative Staff

Gkika Athina


Technical Staff

Charalambous Panagiota


Deceased Faculty Members

Hadjiioannou Themistocles (Professor Emeritus)
Papastathopoulos Dimitrios (Professor)



  • Analytical electrochemistry applications, voltammetric and stripping techniques, ion-selective electrodes, biosensors.
  • Microcomputer applications in analytical techniques (interface of analytical instruments, compilation of control programs). Chemometrics (statistical processing of analytical data). Automated analytical methods by flow-injection analysis and stopped-flow technique.
  • Atomic absorption spectrometry and molecular emission spectrometry, molecular absorption spectrometry, application of derivative spectrophotometry in drug stability studies.
  • Development of sensitive fluorimetric methods and their application to biomedical analysis. Immunoassay techniques. Analytical applications of chemiluminescence& bioluminescence.
  • Kinetic studies of chemical reactions and kinetic methods of analysis. Enzyme analysis.
  • Liquid and gas chromatography, environmental analysis, food analysis, determination of residues of insecticides and chlorinated solvents in food. Study of ozone reactions with halogenated hydrocarbons.
  • Clinical analysis. Pharmaceutical analysis and drug quality control.Analytical applications of micellar systems. Stability studies of complexes of small molecules with macromolecules (proteins, cyclodextrins).


  • Polarographs (Heath,Tacussel PRG-5)
  • Electrometers, pH-meters (Metrohm, HACH HQ 30d, Orion)
  • Electrolytic analyzer (Sargent)
  • Coulometers (Sargent)
  • System of Electrochemical MeasurementsAuto-Lab (Eco Chemie)
  • Automatic titrators (Sargent, Radiometer)
  • Ion selective electrodes (Orion)
  • Spectrophotometers (Bauch and Lomb, Spectronic)
  • Scanning UV-Vis spectrophotometers (Hitachi U-2000, Heath)
  • Scanning spectrofluorimeter(Perkin-Elmer 512)
  • Flame photometer (Hitachi-Perkin Elmer 139, Seal 282)
  • Atomic absorption spectrometers (Perkin Elmer 403, 2380, 5000, Perkin Elmer SIMAA 6000)
  • IR spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer 700)
  • Microwave sample processing unit (CEM MARS XPress)
  • Flow-injection analyzers (Tecator, FIASTAR 5020)
  • Segmented-flow analyzer (Technicon)
  • Gas chromatographs (Perkin Elmer 2000, Βaseline Ind. 1030 A, Fisons Ind. (GL 8000), Varian 3600, Gow Mac)
  • Gas chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(Agilent 6890N-MSD 5975B)
  • High performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) (Gow Mac, Waters, Agilent 1100 Series, Shimadzu VP Series, Shimadzu Prominence Series)
  • Liquid chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(Shimadzu Prominence LC-MS-2010 EV, ESI/APCI)
  • Liquid chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry(Thermo Electron TSQ Quantum Access, ESI/APCI, U-HPLC Thermo Accela)
  • Ion Chromatograph DIONEX DX-100
  • Ultra-pure water unit (Μillipore Direct-Q UV)
  • Laboratory refrigerators and freezers (Angelantoni FRL 360V, Angelantoni Comfort Kryolab 500V)
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