Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Faculty Members

Chrissanthopoulos Athanassios (Assistant Professor)
Danopoulos Andreas (Professor)
Efthimiadou Eleni (Assistant Professor)
Kyritsis Panayotis (Professor)
Methenitis Constantinos (Associate Professor)
Mitsopoulou Christiana (Professor)
Papaefstathiou Giannis (Associate Professor)
Paraskevopoulou Patrina (Assistant Professor)
Philippopoulos Athanassios (Assistant Professor)
Psaroudakis Nikolaos (Assistant Professor)
Tsoureas Nikolaos (Επίκ. Καθηγητής)
Roulia Maria (Laboratory Teaching Staff)
Salta Aikaterini (Laboratory Teaching Staff)


Retired Faculty Members

Chassapis Constantinos (Associate Professor)
Giannopoulos Athanasios (Associate Professor)
Koinis Spyros (Associate Professor)
Limberopoulou–Karaliota Alexandra (Associate Professor)
Markopoulos Ioannis (Associate Professor)
Mertis Konstantinos (Professo rEmeritus)
Paparigopoulou-Kamariotaki Maria (Associate Professor)
Petrou Athinoula (Associate Professor)
Stambaki-Hadjipanagioti Despina (Associate Professor)


Administrative Staff

Mariolakou Panagiota


Technical Staff

Fountis Ioannis


Deceased Faculty Members

Kalantzis George (Lecturer)
Katakis Dimitrios (Professor Emeritus)
Pneumatikakis George (Professor Emeritus)
Tsatsas Andreas (Associate Professor)



  • Synthesis, characterization, properties and applications of complex compounds.
  • Synthetic organometallic chemistry. Study of multiple bonds in cluster compounds of transition elements.
  • Catalysis – homogenous catalysis. Photocatalytic water decomposition.
  • Study of chemistry of Greek mineral coals (origin, structure, properties).
  • Study of chemical parameters (nutrients, trace metals, etc.) in marine, lake and river water, particulate matter and sediments. Studies of magnetic characteristics of particulate matter and sediments. Studies of metal cycle and behavior in macro algae (Ulva). Studies on environmental management, environmental policy and environmental education.


  • UV/VIS spectrophotometers (CARY 17D, HITACHI 2000)
  • Infrared spectrometer (PERKIN-ELMER 883)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (VARIAN 300 MHz)
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (FISONS VG)
  • Stopped flow apparatus
  • Polarographs (Radiometer-PO4d, AMEL 131)
  • Calorimeter (GALLENKAMP AUTOBOMB CΒΑ-305-010Μ)
  • Conductivity meter (METROHM KONDUKTOSKOP E365B)
  • Elemental Analyzer (C,H,N PERKIN-ELMER 2400)
  • Sulfur Titrator(LECO 532-500)
  • Atomic AbsorptionSpectrometer (PERKIN-ELMER 2380)
  • X-ray instrument (Phillips)
  • Irradiation Apparatus (ORIEL 68820-XENON 100W)
  • Fluorescence Spectrometer (SPECTRACE TX 5000)
  • Porosimeter (QUANTACHROME Autosorb-1 MP)
  • Autoclaves (Parr, Aeroscope)
  • Sampling Apparatus
  • Magnetic measurement device (MOLSPIN)
  • Centrifuge (MEGAFUGE 10)
  • Gas Chromatography (VARIAN)
  • Automatic photometric on-line nutrient analyzer (Bran+Luebbe)
  • BOD measurement device (VelpScientifika)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Varian Spectra AA 200 & Spectra AA 640Z)
  • Positive pressure chamber (Laminarflow)
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